Global Talent

OGC's approach to Global Leadership and Talent is based on industry-leading research and is both practical and comprehensive. We enable companies to develop the global perspective and competencies of current and future global leaders. We believe that leading global teams, functions, and enterprises requires a different mind-set and behaviors from “general” leadership.

With increased demand for globally effective leaders, the Cultural Intelligence measurement tool can help clients benchmark their existing strengths and developmental gaps. It is also possible to assess the current global capabilities of both current leaders and high potentials for future leadership roles within your organization.

We can assist leaders to advance their global business skills and help equip employees with an understanding of how culture impacts global business and enable participants to work successfully with global colleagues and counterparts. These concrete, practical skills provide organizations with a significant competitive advantage.

Our programs can further be tailored towards working globally in general or tailored to specific country or region.

Global Teams

Connecting and working with colleagues around the globe via technologies such as the web conferencing, social network, online forums and blogs is transforming the way we work and there are certainly many challenges. Global teams often have creative potential that exceeds that of a purely domestic team, but they also frequently encounter difficulties in converging on a common direction and an aligned set of actions.

We partner with our clients to build strategic teaming engagements and learning opportunities for team members and leaders to fine-tune individual and group performance in relation to cross-cultural differences and effective communication. Our solutions can be tailor made or country specific.

Cultural Intelligence

With increased globalization, working across cultures is becoming a critical competency for managers and leaders everywhere. As a result, many global organizations have given cultural intelligence a high priority as the ability to understand different perspectives and adjust behaviors accordingly can be the deciding factor in whether teams work cohesively, deals are closed and projects thrive. Cultural intelligence (CQ) can predict multiple types of performance in culturally diverse situation and is measured on four factors.

CQ can be improved with training. Being a CQ certified facilitator, OGC can provide both self-assessment and multi-rater assessments. The most consistent results in relation to CQ are: Increased cross-cultural adaptability, better decision-making, increased creativity and innovation, less fatigue and burnout, increased profitability and cost savings.

Global Mobility

International assignments represent key growth opportunities for individuals and organizations. OGC offers a full range of training for employees and accompanying family members. We can assist with:

Candidate Assessment

When assessing potential individuals to go on an international assignment, there are a number of factors that are different to domestic recruiting that need to be considered to facilitate successful expatriation. With experience and knowledge in this field, OGC can assist organizations in the recruitment and selection process to find the best individual for the job.

International Assignment Preparation

We offer a training program for the international assignee and spouse/partner, to gain knowledge and skills in support of assignment success. These programs can be tailored, both to a specific group and a particular country.

Icelandic Assignment Preparation

OGC can assist international organizations relocating expatriates to Iceland. We can assist with a host country visit, introducing e.g. the schooling, housing and health care system in Iceland. We can furthermore provide training on Icelandic national and business culture.

Repatriation Support

Training programs can also be provided for the international assignee and the spouse/partner to prepare for a successful return to their home country or onto their next assignment.

Global HR Consulting

Many organizations are operating in one or multiple countries around the globe, but do not pay enough attention to ensuring that their Human Resource Strategy is in line with the latest developments in the field of International Human Resource Management. To address this need, OGC can help and review existing programs and offer recommendations for improvement to ensure that our clients are receiving maximum benefit from their investments.